Enterprise Purchase to Pay

Unlock efficiency savings

Did you know that automating your enterprise ‘purchase to pay’ process is one of the easiest, most effective ways to maximise service delivery and save costs?

The average cost for processing an invoice is reduced from $34.80 to $12.51 with electronic invoice processing.

Aberdeen Analyst Group.

We’ve helped many organisations in the private and public sector unlock millions of pounds of efficiency savings through automating accounts payable and other manual finance tasks.

How much could you be saving by streamlining procurement, reducing indirect spend and automating invoice processing across your business?? Get in touch to find out more…

Top 10 Purchase to Pay Benefits

From the smallest trading company to the largest public body, when you become a Neocol “Purchase to Pay” customer you get a range of benefits:

  • Elimination of costly, time-consuming manual tasks
  • Straight-through Purchase Requisition → Invoice → Payment
  • Accounts Payable staff freed up to deal with exception handling
  • Secure audit trail for compliance
  • Automated and accelerated invoice processing
  • Accurate analysis of productivity & cashflow
  • Ability to re-distribute work
  • No more processing bottlenecks
  • Improved supplier visibility, discounts and penalty avoidance
  • Streamlined contract management with extensive automation

Our Purchase to Pay solutions use cutting-edge ECM technology to bridge the gap between paper and electronic processes – increasing efficiency and saving costs.

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