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85% of all stored data is unstructured and unmanaged (source: IDC). The cost of the average U.S. data breach is $5.85M, so it’s time for a better solution. SmarterDLPTM‘s information protection software identifies and secures your sensitive, unstructured business data. Use it to control and manage access – even after information has left a firewall. Automatic EDRM and NSA-level encryption secure your company’s crown jewels and much more.

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Neocol’s custom solutions power the businesses you know and rely on around the world. Driven by purpose, our innovative cloud, on-premise, and mobile systems are designed around your needs and powered by IBM’s industry-leading technologies.

We’ll let the results speak for themselves.

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Gartner Security Summit

Please join the Neocol Team at the Gartner Security Summit with our Enterprise DRM Partner Fasoo.  Stop by booth #334 to learn how you can protect your sensitive unstructured content from accidental ..

Lunch Briefing: London 17th March

Neocol would like to invite IT, Information security and Compliance professionals to join us for an afternoon of education and insight. Many organisations today utilise DLP or (Data Loss Preventio..

Report: What keeps

your CEO up at night?

This report looks at the extent of the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to the insider threat.
Learn how to protect your company with Digital Rights Management.

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